Your Truth Is
A Gift



Imagine a place where time seems to stand still. 

A place where judgement is suspended.

A place where everything around you is designed
to connect you to yourself. 

Imagine a place where the only thing that matters
is what is true for you... 

Where your only job is to be... 

And where the truth of your experience
is welcomed, seen and celebrated... 

Would you come? 

Would you bring your whole self to the table? 

Becoming Artist International Exhibition_She Spoke_Jessica Serran_Painted Fabric


Jessica Serran and The Becoming Artist Movement invite you
to experience this very thing. She Spoke is a special, one-night only art event presenting the work of six up-and-coming female artists in an intimate, interactive and immersive environment. In this carefully crafted, one-night only event doors are opened to universal emotion, personal vulnerability and collective experience...


A special one-night only event designed
to create new connections between art, artist and audience. 
Experience things you've never experienced before.

PRAGUE, CZ      MAY 25, 2017